Thomas Manning


FMC Butner Federal Medical Center

P.O. BOX 1600 Butner, NC 27509

In 1971, Tom became active in political organizing, particularly with a Portland, Maine group known as SCAR. Much of this work centered around working with prisoners, ex-prisoners and their loved ones. Through this work and the study required to do it effectively, class contradictions became very clear to Tom. Eventually these realities lead him to become active in the armed clandestine movement. First in the 70′s with the Sam Melville/Jonathan Jackson Unit,¬†and later in the 80s in the United Freedom Front. The armed anti-imperialist and anti racist activities of these organizations lead to a massive seven year hunt by all federal state and local authorities in the north eastern US. This hunt ended in his capture and Tom is now serving a double life, and multiple other sentences.

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