Patreese Johnson


Beacon Correctional Facility

50 Camp Beacon Road

Post Office Box 780

Beacon, New York 12508-0780

Patreese Johnson is one of the New Jersey 4.  On August 18, 2006, seven young African American lesbians traveled to New York City from their homes in Newark for a regular night out. When walking down the street, a man sexually propositioned one of the women. After refusing to take no for an answer, he assaulted them. The women tried to defend themselves, and a fight broke out. The women were charged with Gang Assault in the 2nd degree, a Class C Felony with a mandatory minimum of 3.5 years.

Maliki Latine


Clinton Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 2001

Dannemora, New York 12929

Maliki Shakur Latine was in the Black Panther Party and spent 8 years in the underground working for black liberation. On October 1, 1981, he was sentenced to 25 to life in connection with a series of bank expropriations. He is a devout Muslim (Shia Sufi), is learned in philosophy, community building and organizing, martial arts, and resistance.

Abdul Majid


Elmira Correctional Facility

PO Box 500

1879 Davis St Elmira, New York 14902-0500

As a direct result of his Black Panther Party membership, Abdul was hunted, captured, framed and convicted of the 1981 murder and attempted murder of two police officers in St. Albans, Queens. Over a five-year period, Abdul was tried three times for this incident, the main witness being a man who was hypnotized by the police. The first two trials

the jury was deadlocked and the government was unable to successfully convict him. A racially stacked jury in the third trial returned a guilty verdict and sentenced him to 331⁄3 years to life.

Sekou Odinga

09-A-3775 Shawangunk Correctional Facility 750 Prison Road Wallkill, NY 12589-0750

Imprisoned for actions carried out in the fight for Black Liberation. In 1965 Sekou joined the Organization for Afro American Unity, founded by Malcolm X. In early 1968 he helped build the Bronx Black Panther Party. In January 1969 Sekou joined the Black Liberation Army. He remained underground partaking in

revolutionary clandestine activity for 12 years until his capture. He was charged with 6 counts of attempted murder of police, 9 predicate acts of Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization, including the liberation of Assata Shakur from prison and expropriation of an armored truck. He is serving consecutive 25-life state time and a 40 year federal sentence.

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