Ana Lucia Gelabert


Sky View Unit

P.O. Box 999

Rusk, TX 75785

Ana Lucia Glabert is a U.S. citizen of Cuban national origin.  Born in 1938 in Central Cuba, she came to the U.S. for the last time in 1961 and has been in a Texas prison since 1984, seving two life sentences, concurrent and “non-aggravated” after an incident with Houston police in which only she was injured.  Root cause of her offense was the State of Texas trying, and suceeding, to strip her of parental rights to her own three children.  To this day, Gelabert vows that if it happened all over again today, still she would fight for her children regardless of cost or consequences.  She is a prolific political comic artist. http://www.realcostofprisons.org/comix/gelabert

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